Kyogre (ana0119) wrote,

Tiger and Bunny (episode 1)

So, watched the first episode of the new anime Tiger and Bunny.

Basically, superheroing a business, with each hero having a big company sponsor and having their crimefighting broadcast on live "Hero TV." They also get points, like a game show, and then win a cup. The main character is considered "past his prime" and doesn't do so well at the whole publicity thing. Then, his company gets bought out and he gets a partner.

I like it. It's lame, but kinda funny and properly HoYay. (Check out the way Tiger gets caught by his partner to be, bridal style.)

Three things.
1. Every time I Tiger/Kotetsu, I think, "Hey, it's that prosecutor from the third Phoenix Wright game! Godot, but before he got made into a cyborg*!" (*not actually what happened) If he starts drinking forty cups of coffee a day, or gets his hair turn white, I'm gonna call foul.
2. Barnaby is a really lame name. I suppose it's the for the "Barny/Bunny" pun...

3. They need a speedster guy. The powers are pretty standard otherwise. Fire Emblem has fire and Sky High has wind (also, "Sky High" always makes me think of the Disney movie). It seems like Dragon Kid has electricity, from the one time she uses her "special". I think Blue Rose has water, actually, and the gun is a freeze ray to make it ice. Note that we know she can control water, from how she has it grab the balloon-ship. I'm not sure what the cow guy and the ninja can do. Tiger and Bunny both have super strength though, but only for five minutes.

(Actually, I suspect the fact that they have the same power will be a plot point. It's too weird otherwise. I predict Bunny's power is artificially created. It's said that no one knows why NEXT appeared, 45 years ago, which is just such a hook.)

Oh, and a fourth thing.
4. I like how the girls don't bother with masks and just change their hair and eye color. All the guys get masks! What's up with that?

Anyway, I want the next episode! My craving for ambiguously gay superhero duo must be satisfied!
Tags: tiger and bunny
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